Richard Drake

Notary Public
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Specialising in – UK & International Notarial Services

After training and qualifying in London in 1975, Richard moved to Newbury where he quickly became a partner at Pitman & Bazett in 1976. The firm merged with Penningtons in 2001, where he continued as a partner. Richard joined Dickins Hopgood Chidley in 2008, where he built up a strong client base. In 2019 Richard retired from his role as a solicitor, but continues to offer his services as a Notary Public.

Richard’s extensive experience and reassuring manner are the reason so many clients return to him for all their notarial requirements. Whether that’s for a business applying for staff overseas working visas, individuals buying or selling property abroad, or simply proving you’re still alive to receive your foreign pension.

The areas Richard can help you with include notarising documents for individuals, such as:

  • Buying or selling property abroad
  • Confirming certificates, such as degrees, are genuine
  • Giving permission for your children to travel with you
  • Certifying that your instructions to a foreign bank are genuine
  • Witnessing affidavits and statutory declarations for overseas court actions
  • Sponsoring family or friends to visit the UK
  • Marrying in another country
  • Proving you’re still alive so that you can receive a foreign pension
  • Buying or selling property abroad

For companies, notarised documents are often used for:
  • Proving a company exists, and the signatory is authorised to act for the company
  • Validating a Power of Attorney in favour of an agent abroad
  • Asserting a trade mark or other intellectual property rights
  • Confirming that copies of product certificates issued in the UK are genuine
  • Applying for visas for staff working overseas
  • Ensuring that contracts and other documents are legally efective where they are used

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